Top tips for new puppy owners.

While our black Labrador Lola was a puppy she had loads of excess energy and all the walks in the world she would still be up for more!

so a couple ways we found to keep her entertained (for a while at least!) we would put a couple of treats into an empty plastic bottle and she would be off chasing it around the room determined to get into it which was always fun to watch, just remember to keep an eye on them because eventually she got the cap off ate the treats and then chewed the bottle.

Another wise investment for us any ways was to buy good quality Kong toys anything else would not last which is a shame because the variety of cheap toys is immense but sadly with Lola's growing teeth they last approximately 5 minutes before she disintegrates them, same goes with any stuffed toy you turn around and it looks like there was an explosion in a build-a-bear workshop!

The Kong wobbler's are great you can fill them with a few dog biscuits and then top up with some pate and just pop them into the freezer, these are an excellent treat and our dog loves nothing more than to get her paws onto one of these.

Reindeer antlers are a must in our house and can be bought from your local pets at home, they are very hard wearing and Lola can spend a long evening giving them a good go without making a dent.

And finally the place where she spends a lot of time her bed, I have lost count of the amount of money we have spent on replacing dog beds, so until you can trust them fully not to chew and destroy there beds we found the best solution was a plastic dog bed with some cheap blankets thrown in, this is perfectly adequate for your dogs needs and will save your wallet in the long run!

But cherish your dogs whilst they are puppies because they will still be gits when they get older!!!