A healthy dog is a happy dog.


Exercising with your dog regularly is great for your pet's health and your health as well. Apart from the health benefits, it is another medium to have fun with your pet.  Having your pet as your exercise partner is a good way to get you motivated!

Obesity in dogs is related to several medical complaints such as osteoarthritis, insulin resistance, liver disease, and cardiovascular disease; therefore, it is important to walk your dog once a day. The dog breed you have, its age and the level of fitness, determines how vigorous and long the walk should be. Here are health benefits of walking your dog regularly.

Help keep your dog Healthy

 Exercise provides several health benefits including keeping your dog agile, healthy, and limber.

Controls Weight

An overweight dog is not healthy. While regulating your dog's diet to keep it in perfect shape, you must provide daily exercise too.

Improves the Digestive System

Regular walks improve your dog’s digestive system, and help in easing constipation.

Reduces destructive behavior

Regular walks help reduce pet’s destructive digging, chewing, or scratching. Pets behave like kids: If you don’t engage them with something constructive, they might pick up destructive behaviors.

Alleviates hyperactivity

Walking your dog regularly help to lessen any extra energy your dog may have, walks calms your dog, reduce excitability, and nighttime activities. Furthermore, walk also help your dogs to feel relaxed and prevents agitation at bedtime.

Strengthens your bond

Spending quality time with your dog is very important. It makes the bond stronger while leading to a trusting relationship.

There are times when work schedules and other activities may not let you walk your dog regularly. You can make sure your dog gets the necessary exercise while you work by hiring professional dog walkers in Halifax

Here at Muddy Paws Dog Walking, Halifax we have trained professional staffs that are prepared to take care of your pets. It is our mission to offer highest quality pet-care for your dog. Whether you are at work or you just need a break, Muddy Paws Dog Walking Halifax will give your dog the exercise it deserves. Whatever your need may be, we will provide maximum satisfaction for both you and your dog. Here is the breakdown of our dog walking services.

·         Walking with other dogs is great for burning lots of energy while socializing with other dogs. We go for off leashing for a minimum of 1 hour in an off-leash wooded area.  A healthy dog is always a happy dog.   

·         Puppy Visits service includes interaction, outside time, and accident clean up if necessary. It is a great dog walking service for dogs that require extra attention while you are gone for the day.   

·         Let Outs is another quality dog walking training that includes short walk and interaction with the dog. It is perfect for dogs that need to stretch their legs and go out for a pee break in the middle of the day.   

We offer the best dog walking service here in Halifax. Our services are offered throughout the year. Make your bookings now to make sure the dates you desire are available.

Edward Hartley